Scholarships are a great way to help with your college expenses and WIEP is dedicated to helping you identify various resources. To assist you in this process, consider these tips first:

Tip #1 (1)

Do your research!

Many scholarships are based on academic merit or financial need but did you know that many scholarships are also geared towards particular groups of people and/or interests? You can find opportunities based on your ethnic or cultural background and personal achievements so expand your scholarship search to places like: community and religious organizations; ethnic/gender specific groups; parents’ employer; and state or local government agencies.

Tip #1 (2)

Carefully assess each scholarship and don’t procrastinate

Requirements will vary for each scholarship so carefully evaluate these and confirm that you, in deed qualify for them. Remember to prioritize, preparing a scholarship application is a time consuming process, so make sure to plan accordingly to meet deadlines.

Tip #1 (3)

Review your personal statement and get a second opinion

Your personal statement is an integral part of your scholarship applications, therefore you must clearly address the question(s) posed. Give yourself enough time to proof read and edit; and whether or not you consider yourself a good writer, take advantage of services such as the UIC Writing Center .

Tip #1 (4)

Be mindful of who you select as references/recommendors

Select a person who can speak highly of you and address some of the following: your academic standing, community involvement, extra curricular activities, and/or work ethic. Building a great rapport with your professors and advisors is a great way to establish a supportive network for these purposes. UIC COE students are required to meet with faculty and staff advisors every term, therefore they have plenty of opportunities to work with individuals who can become great references for scholarships and employment.

Tip #1 (5)

Apply, apply, apply!

Applying for scholarships is certainly a time consuming process but many opportunities are out there and if you devote the time, you will reap the benefits of your hard work!